Irvin Frederick ALLISON                  


“A long life may not be good enough, but a good life if long enough.”


5301 Eastland Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22407




Sarah Gardiner ANDREWS Wagner

“The true and good resemble gold.”


3905 Swanson Court

Fredericksburg, VA  22408



Jannie Lee ASHBY Light                                 Occupation:      Bell Atlantic consultant 

Spouse:            Clay                                                                 Builder


“There is no accounting for the actions of a woman.”


7178 Shannondale Road

Mechanicsville, VA  23116




Children:         Ann Turner Williams                 Age      26

                        Carrington & Whitney               23 (twins)

                        Catharyne                                             18


Hobbies; Favorite Activities etc.:     I love good movies, trips to the beach, sampling

                                                            good wine.


Favorite School Memory:     Sneaking off to Fairview Beach, and the Point, rides through the Hot Shoppes, Football and Basketball games.  Laughing at pajama parties, and Ronnie Lee’s basement!


Other Comments:      Thank you to all of our friends who work so hard to put these reunions together.  It is amazing how we’ve kept in touch after all these years.




Lola Elaine ATKINS Garner                            Occupation:    Supervisor of Personnel Services       

                                                                                                for Fredericksburg City Schools

Spouse:  Greg                                                                           Self-employed General Contractor


“She’d rather be late, she’d rather not go, if she can’t get there dressed just so.”


4140 Woodside Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22407-4838




Children:         Carrie Michelle McArtor White                        Age      28

                        Kimberly Lynn McArtor McWhirt                                24


Grandchildren:           Emily Paige White 15 months


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Shopping, getting my hair and nails done but most of all my favorite thing is keeping little Emily.


Favorite school memory:  I can’t remember that far back.


Other comments:  Thanks to the Reunion Committee for all of their hard work.




Sharon Kay ATKINS Kohler                                      Occupation:  Housewife

Spouse:  Stewart                                                                                Physician


“Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled on me.”


127 Woodland Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22401




Children:         Kathryn Lloyd Washington                   Age      29

                        Eleanor Yates Washington                                27

                        Robert Wirt Washington, IV                             24


Grandchildren:  Only “Granddogs”


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Travel, reading and bridge.







Marlene Pratt BERRY Saikowski                    Occupation:  RN

Spouse:  Robert                                                                      Retired Colonel USMC

                                                                                              Magistrate – Caroline County

                                                                                              Owner of Virginia Pheasant Farm


“I count only the hours that are bright.”


21008 Anderson Mill Road

Beaverdam, VA  23015



Children:         Ron                                          Age      26

                        Carrie Ann                                           24

                        Andrea                                                 22


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Raising goats, garden, and reading.




Elliott Laurence BLATT


“He was a gentleman and a scholar.”


12252 Greenleaf Avenue

Potomac, MD  20854




Carol Elizabeth BOUTYARD Janis


“Silence is more eloquent than words.”




John Overton BRADSHAW                           Occupation:  Pitchman and Entertainer

Spouse:  Meriam


“I am a dealer in magic and spells.”


2025 Denton Drive

Richmond, VA  23235



Comments:  I play the blues and do magic and fire eating.  Wow!  Who’d have thought that I’d turn out this way?  Not me!  Well, I’ve had a great life so far and I hope that you have, too!  I plan to retire to the Philippines in a few years.  And, I’ll always remember being voted “most talented” in my senior year!  Please pass this info along if it’s not too late.  Take care.




Robert Smoot BREEDEN, Jr.


“A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men.”


2584 Rittenour Court

Blacklick, OH  43004-8540




Sharon Lee BRYANT Rose                            Occupation:  Reading Specialist in Roanoke Co.

Spouse:  Bob                                                                            Manager of East Coast Fire Protection Co.


“With virtue and quietness one may conquer the world.”


752 Virginia Avenue

Salem, VA  24153


Children:         Bobby              Age      19

                        Elizabeth                       16



Hobbies:  Reading, walking, going to the beach, Civil War history, and learning family history


Favorite school memory:  Our 7th grade class trip when some of the boys threw b-b’s in the cookie batter vats at the FFV cookie factory!  Our Senior trip – riding the subway to Macy’s and feeling like big shots!  I remember Bobby Holloway saying “What’s the big deal?  Macy’s just looks like a giant Grant’s store!”  I remember crystal clear thee day Kennedy was shot and how silent and shocked we all were in the halls.  When the announcement came that he had died, Mrs. MacClarence put her heead down on her podium and cried.


Dream:  Going to Ireland, Scotland  and Wales, and a log house with lots of trees.




Charles Travis BULLOCK                  Occupation:    Vice President Union Bank & Trust

Spouse:  Teresa                                                            Teacher, Spotsylvania Co. Schools


405 Lorraine Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  22408

Home:  540-898-0212             Work:  540-898-4635


Children:         Jeremy Travis                           Age:  19

                        Anne Payne                                        15



Grover Preston BURNS, Jr.                            Occupation:  Dentist

Spouse:  Judy


“In thy face I see the maps of honor, truth and loyalty.”


533 Fagan Drive

Fredericksburg, VA 22405


Children:         Preston, III                  

                        Jennifer DeMay


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Golf, travel and history


Favorite school memory:  Mr. Schwartz assisting Lewis Roberson in making his paddle by having him drill holes in it to make it “lighter”


Other Comments:  You know what I like best about you?  --Nothing!!!




Patsie Parker BUTLER Salvador                    Occupation:    Broker/Salesman  REALTOR

                                                                                                Marketing Specialist

Spouse:  Gaylord H.                                                                 Retired Cpt. US Army

                                                                                                6th Grade Geography Teacher


“She walks in beauty like the night.”


769 Falcon Drive

Port Orange, FL  32127


Home:  904-756-0173             904-788-5319             Fax:  904-756-0173    

Beeper:  904-831-2211

Work:  1-800-732-4145 or 904-322-6411                Fax:  904-767-3226

E-mail:               Web site:


Children:         Kristopher B. Salvador             Age:  30

                        Aaron F. Salvador                                          19


I love to travel.  Since I left Fredericksburg I have lived in Germany, Panama Central American, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Fort Benning, Georgia; Hinesville, Georgia; and now here in Port Orange, Florida.  We have visited many countries in South & Central America – last year we went to Mexico, year before we went to Tamarindo Costa Rica (a small surfing village on the west coast of Costa Rica) and in the past we went to Guatemala, Belize, Equador, Columbia.  This year we are going to San Juan and visiting the southern islands.  The rest of my time is spent here in Port Orange.  I go to the beach at least once a week when weather permit.  I walk 2 miles a day and work out here at the local YMCA.  I am leading a super full life and love the area where we live.


I could go on and on and do a big CROW!!! ­­s­heet of all of my accomplishments, however the main thing is that we are all still here, and are healthy and happy and I know that I am living life to it’s fullest.  I hope you all are too.


Will think of you all this year.  Will try to bump into some of you when I am next in Fredericksburg.


Love & X’s





William Randolph CAMPBELL


“Call on him – he’s just the one.”


603 Charlotte Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401




Nancy Jeanne CAMPER Hicks                       Occupation:  Own printing business

Spouse:  Ron                                                                          Retired - Attorney


“She has a sweetness all her own.”


1107 Westwood Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22401

Home:  (540) 371-2505           Work:  (540) 373-9418

E-mail –


Children:         Joseph Emory (Jeh) Hicks                    Age      29

                        Jason Teague (Tee) Hicks                                 26

                        Anne Kathryn (Katie) Hicks                             20       


Grandchildren:  Teagan Reann Hicks  Age 2

                             (Expecting another grandchild week-end of the Reunion)


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Traveling, gardening, and my granddaughter.  Spending time with family and friends at our weekend house at Fairview Beach, the sunsets on the Potomac are the best anywhere in the w­­orld.


Favorite school memory:  Senior trip, the Senior Class Variety Show, Band activities with Mr. Willis.  Riding through Hot Shoppes and R & S to see who was there and who they were with!!  Mr. Hodge walking the halls – (too bad he’s not around the halls today, might have fewer problems!!) and Mrs Burton’s hickies!!




John Broaddus CANNON


“Ask a man what he thinks and get from a man what he feels.”


20 Tolson Lane

Stafford, VA  22554




David Neuman CATES                        Occupation:    Corp. Mgr. Safety, Security & Envir.

Spouse:  Carol S.                                                         Elementary Ed. Teacher


Happiness to him is not sin, this bearer of a perpetual grin.”


1317 Ridgecrest Avenue

Burlington, NC  27215


Home:  336-226-6549             Work:  336-227-6211



Children:         Jeffrey                          Age:     26

                        Matthew                                   23

                        Angela                                      22


Hobbies, Favorite activities etc.:      Handy man, gardening


Favorite school memory:       Mr. Burgess – American History, Band, Jr./Sr. Prom.  Being able to drive and park on school grounds!




Edwin Michael CHEWNING              Occupation:  Aerospace

Spouse:  Ann                                                                           Aerospace


“Give me hills to climb and strength for climbing.”


15001 Collier Road

Huntsville, AL  35083




Children:         Michele                                    Age      32

                        Donald                                                 29


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Boating, Fishing, Travel, Reading


Favorite school memory:  Math and Science classes and Graduation.

Least Favorite:  Latin and French Classes.




Judith Claiborne CHRISTIAN Ashby


“A sweet attractive kind of grace.”






James Richelieu COLEMAN


“The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance, so why study?”


5208 Signal Corps Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22408




Sarah Fontaine COOKE Hanlein                      Occupation:  Homemaker

Spouse:  Ray                                                                          Retired


“Life is not a feast nor a spectacle; It is a predicament.”


8105 Collins Street

Annandale, Va  22003




Children:           Amy Falcon                              Age      25

                        Sarah Hanlein                                       22


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Web-Page Design, Reading, Travel, Tennis


Favorite school memory:  Senior Variety Show and class trip to New York




Herbert Lee COVER, Jr.


“Play ball.”


1916 Artillery Ridge Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22408




Joan Idella CRITZ Limbrick                            Occupation:    Interior Designer, Artist,

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Spouse:  Ted                                                                            Builder


“Here is a dear and true industrious friend.”


53 Hollywood Farm Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22405


Home:  540-371-7103             Work:  540-371-9033



Children:         Christopher (married to Gina Massey)   Age:     29

                        Cameron (to be married to Amy Kline)             26


Grandchild:     Christopher                                                      Age      10


Hobbies, favorite activities etc.:       Painting, writing, gardening, and dreaming


Favorite school memory:  Waiting for school to start standing in the doorway of the gym in the front hall, holding hands with Ted.




Michael Kent CUEMAN


“One who never turned his back on work, but marched straight forward to success.”


2162 Morrow Avenue

Niskayuna, NY  12309




Margaret Herrick CULLEN Walker                Occupation:  RN

Spouse:  Jim                            


“Make short the miles with talk and smiles.”


605 Royal Grant Drive

Chesapeake, VA  23322




Children:         Kim Lassiter                             Age      28

                        Kevin Walker                                       25

                        Kelly Lass                                            23


Grandchildren:  Kayla - 4½, Miranda – 2, and Corbin – 20 months


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Traveling to wherever our son is stationed.  I am into this new scrapbooking, swimming, and spending time with our grandchildren.


Favorite school memory:  The Senior Class Play – “Tish”                 




Danene Karen DABEL


“The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed.”






Margaret Gordon DAVENPORT Trenchard               Occupation:  Adm. Assistant – Pastoral Counseling Center


“To have a friend, you must be one.”


2870 Marguerite Park Drive

Winston-Salem, NC  27106




Children:         Matthew Baird Trenchard                     Age      24


Hobbies, Favorite Activities, etc.:  Reading, Yard work, Church Choir


Favorite school memory:  Mr. Hodge’s Biology Class – he was such a good teacher!


Joyce Lynn DECATUR Suffell                        Occupation:  Financial Accountant

Spouse:  William (Sonny)                                                       Truck Driver

“Sweet and sincere each day in the year.”


2201 Cowan Blvd., Apt #40-B

Fredericksburg, VA  22401-4439



Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Collect cat figurines.


Favorite school memory:  Senior Trip to New York




Richard Matthew DeLARBER


“Manners make the Man.”




Norma Jeanne DENNING Caldwell




Anne-Marie DICKINSON Garrison                Occupation:  Teacher

Spouse:  Gary                                                                         Maintenance Electrician


“With reason firm, a determined will, edurance, foresite, strength, and skill.”


1525 Clover Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22407



Children:         Stephen                        Age      24

                        Christine                                   21


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Reading and Church Activities.




Robert Bergman DICKEY


“Quietness is an indication of the ability to think.”



Ann Elizabeth EARNHARDT Harry


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”


308 Ingleside Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22405




John Wayne EDWARDS                    Occupation:    Sign artist

Spouse:  Marsha                                                           retired


“Happy go lucky fair and free, Nothing there is that bothers me.”


113 Madison Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22405-2526


Home:  540-371-5371                         Work:  540-653-8826



Children:         John W. Edwards, Jr.                           Age:     30

                        Jennifer Edwards Russell (adopted)                   30

                        Rebecca Ann Edwards                         25


Grandchildren:           Ryan Grant Edwards                            Age:     5

                                    Jacob Hudson                                                  2


Hobbies, favorite activities etc.:       Web writing (internet), genealogy research, music/video collection.  Graphic arts, Fredericksburg History study.


Favorite school memory:       Senior Variety show playing John Lennon on stage as the Beatles.  The Senior Trip to New York.  Many daily activities of Mr. Stafford’s Government class.


Other comments:       The reunion committee is doing a great job.  It is very important to keep records and always document our activities.




John Michael ELLIS                                        Occupation:  Alternative Education Counselor


“A man should choose with a careful eye the things to be remembered by.”


605 Sophia Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401



Children:         Chris                            Age      22

                        Chip                                         18

                        Thomas                                    16


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Jogging, Hiking, Rowing, Canoeing, ?*!*?


Favorite school memory:  George Nance careening down the locker room hallway as George Mann pursued him with a cleat.  As George air mailed this towards “Fatboy’s” head, Jake Maynard had the misfortune to step out of his office.  Life was good!!




Dianne Gaye ESTES Williams              Occupation:  Accounts Clerk, Spotsylvania County

Spouse:  Cloyd “Bodie”                                                          Contractor


“At basketball she won her crown; a guard she was of great renown.”


6706 Marye Road

Spotsylvania, VA  22553




Children:         Krystal Courtney                      Age      33

                        Cloyd Ellis Williams                              31


Grandchildren:  Jacob, Trevor and Kendall Courtney.  Callie Williams


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  I enjoy gardening and reading.  I am a sports fan especially NASCAR racing.  My favorite activity is being a good grandmother.




Michael Lee FERGUSON


“He is always courteous, even in the face of discourtesy.”


5 Faith Drive

Vernon, CT  06066









Diane Marie FISHER Taylor


“Our youth we can have today, we may always find time to grow old.”


2465 SE Carroll Street

Stuart Florida  34997-8561




Leon Harvey FRAZIER                                  Occupation:    Vice President Corp. Accts. Nextel

Spouse:  Kit                                                                             Housewife


“Have your fun now while you can; Today will never come again.”


15090 Stillfield Place

Centreville, VA  20120


Home:  703-803-0819                         Work:  703-433-4347



Children:         Adam                                       Age:     16

                        Sarah                                                     7


Hobbies, favorite activities etc.:       Golf, Ice Hockey


Favorite school memory:       Playing with the profits at the “Dragnets”




Carol Ann GALLAHAN Walker                     Occupation:  Professor/Educator

Spouse:  Terry                                                                        President & CEO


The mildest manner and the gentlest heart.”


24525 Genesee Avenue

Golden, Colorado  80401



Children:         Steve Darlington                       Age      29

                        Andy Darlington                                   21


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Senior Talent Show – especially Cabel Nelson on a tricycle as “Leader of the Pack”.


Other comments:  I have been involved in education and teaching since graduation from James Monroe.  I have taught students in preschool through adult education.  I now hold a Ph. D in Education.

Dorothy Jean GALLAHAN Roberson Occupation:  Executive Assistant


“When studies and pleasures clash, Then studies go to smash.”


5811 Queens Mill Circle

Fredericksburg, VA  22407




Children:         Kimberly Roberson Riley                      Age      31

                        Tracy Roberson                                                29


Grandchildren:  Mickey Calvin Riley - age 3


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Collecting baskets, my grandchild, and spending time with my daughters.


Favorite school memory:  Friends gathering at my house, the girls club and Lewis.




Beverly Anne GARNETT Stahlman                 Occupation:  Indirect Distributor Business Manager

                                   Com-net Ericsson

Spouse:  Jim                                                                             Regional Sales Mgr. Crown Simplimatic Eng.


“A basketball player of great renown; One who will never let you down.”


102 Woodville Drive

Forest, VA  24551



Children:         Paul Garnett Holland                 Age      33

                        Chadwick Emmett Gray                        26


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Riding my Harley Davidson, Golf, Travel.


Favorite school memory:  Being in the Band and playing sports!


Other comments:  Wish I were back in the 10th grade and playing basketball.




Jane Elizabeth GARNETT Wyatt                    Occupation:  Retired

Spouse:  Robert                                                                        Pharmaceutical Shipper


“Leave silence to the saint, I am but human.”


Route 2, Box 88

Center Cross, VA  22437




Children:         Brenda                         Age      29


Grandchildren:  Stephen “Adam” Schools


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Catering, playing with grandson, relaxing by my pool.




William Michael GARNETT


“The days of our youth are the days of our glory.”


11324 Halbrooke Court

Richmond, VA  23233




Cynthia Marie GREEN


“No sky is heavy if the heart be light.”




Robert Parrish GREEN                                   Occupation:  Claims Manager

Spouse:  Catherine                                                                    Supervisor - CRRL


It matters not how long we live, but how.”


534 Fagan Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22405




Children:         Christopher                  Age      24

                        Jason                                        21


Grandchildren:  None that I know of!


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Following college soccer, being Chief of the Patawomeck Indians and doing school programs.


Favorite school memory:  Jeff Stafford’s Government Classes.




Patricia Agnes GREGORY


“Golden hair like sunlight streaming on the mantle of her shoulder.”




Larry Webber HALL


“Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.”




Paul Lieura HAMILTON Burrell


“The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid.”




William Lee HARRIS                          Occupation:  High School Teacher

Spouse:  Kathy                                                             Elementary School Teacher


“I had rather wear out than rust out.”


5903 Watson Lane

Fredericksburg, VA  22407




Children:         Catherine                      Age      19


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Watching Pro Football and NASCAR.  Flea markets and antiques.  Myrtle Beach, Trips to Europe with high school students.


Favorite school memory:  Fairview Beach – College Girls – Ball Games and parties.




Barbara Anne HASLER


“A movie queen she’d ought to be; a sweeter girl you’ll seldom see.”



John Stephen HATHAWAY


“I will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard.”





Katherine Conway HAYMES


“Tall and slim and full of mischief.”





Patricia Anne HAYNES


“Not much talk – a great, sweet silence!”




John Howard HEARD


“Nor shall thy wit and wisdom be forgot.”


219 Patton Street

Danville, VA  24541




Jenifer Jane HIGGINS Clark                           Occupation:  Satellite Oceanographer

Spouse:  Dane                                                                         Satellite Data Services Manager


“A ready wit and a ready smile.”


5902 Federal Court

Upper Marlboro, MD  20772




Children:         Kim Huddle                  Age      25

                        Mary Ann Clark                       24

                        Rachae Clark                           10


Grandchildren:  Only grandhorses and grand cats!


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Family outings, Walks, Movies, Dogs!  Vacations at Nags Head, NC, attending school activities, listening to Christian music, Volunteer at Nursing Homes, Math Tutor.


Favorite school memory:  Friendships with Sally Cooke, Judy Higgins, and Peg Davenport.  Also Pat Roger’s laugh!


Other comments:  Dane and I were on Discovery Channel Storm Warnings Show!




Judith Ann HIGGINS Hoye                             Occupations:  Teacher of Homebound and GED students

Spouse:  Walter                                                                        Physicist (NSWC Dahlgren)


“Jolly, yet serious; fun loving, yet sincere.”


5362 Strawberry Lane

King George, VA  22485




Children:         Jenifer H. Cryer                        Age      25

                        W. Scott Hoye                                     21


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Reading, walking , working at Homeless Shelter, church volunteer work, raising dogs – Golden Retrievers and Yorkshire Terriers.  Volunteer at Mary Washington Hospital and Volunteer Reading Tutor.


Favorite school memory:  Spending summer after Junior Year as a foreign exchange student to Germany.  Sitting on front row, falling out of chair in Mr. Nichols Geometry Class – most embarrassing memory!


Other comments:  does anyone else remember those thick, stick to the roof of your mouth, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they sold in the cafeteria?




Sharon Candace HILLDRUP


“You can tell I’m Irish by the color of my hair, but if you look for temper you’ll not find it anywhere.”


45 Rue De Montmorency

Paris, France



John Robert HOLLOWAY


“I know what I am, but know not what I may be.”


4 Bradbury Circle

Fredericksburg, VA  22407




Brenda Gaye HOLMES Ramsey


“One of the greatest pleasures in life is conversation.”


% Tom Yates

7012 Marble Hills

Spotsylvania, VA  22553




Linda Lee HOUGH Fallin


“Sparkling eyes, curly brown hair, and a personality beyond compare.”


P. O. Box 514

Montross, VA  22520




Jo Ann HUFF Clark


“Of gentle soul, to human race a friend.”


9732 Baxter Caldwell Drive

Charlotte, NC  28213




Robert Randolph HUME                                

Spouse:  Betty


 “He is free who lives as he chooses.”


902 Brompton Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401



Children:         Janet                            Age      18

                        Robin                                       16


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Golf




Rebecca Jane INGALLS Frantz                      Occupation:  Elementary Teacher

Spouse:  Bob                                                                          Civil Engineer – US Army Corp of Engineer


“A true friend is ever a friend.”


130 Lakeshore Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22405




Children:         Stephanie Frantz Kehoe            Age      26

                        Rob Frantz                                           21


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Boating, Reading, Window Shopping on the weekends.


Favorite school memory:  Hanging around the lockers and talking to friends then trying to make it to the next class on time.




Steven Franklin JENKINS


“He’ll find a way.”




Anne Beverley JONES Kerr


“Her face makes sunshine in shady places.”


279 White Post Road

White Post, VA  22663




Carolyn Gordon JONES Elstner                      Occupation:  Homemaker, Bookkeeper, Histoic Preservationst

Spouse:  Tom                                                                         Dentist


“To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent.”


2 Commonwealth Place

Fredericksburg, VA  22405




Children:         Meg                             Age      23

                        Peter                                        21


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  My Family, Walking, Preservation work with Friends of Wilderness Battlefield, Collecting Children’s Books.


Favorite school memory:  Senior lunch room and graduation, Mrs. “T”.  One of my least favorite;  sitting in Mr. Mosha’s Latin III class with windows open and snow flying in.


Other comments:  Even though we live in South Stafford, we sent Meg & Peter to JM – their choice, actually.  It was a fulfilling experience for all.




Stuart Wilson JONES                          Occupation:  Business Manager

Spouse:  Margaret (Peggy)                                                       Administrative Assistant


“He stars on the field, or out on the floor; has a good personality, never is a bore.”


9613 Wendhurst Drive

Glen Allen, VA  23060




Children:         Robin J. Burns                          Age      32

                        Buffi J. Holland                         32

                        Shannon W. Jones                                31


Grandchildren:  Brianna Burns, Makayla Holland, Kelsey Holland


Hobbies, Favorite Activities, etc.:  Anything connected with Sun & Sand.


Favorite school memory:  Fairview Beach on Saturday nights.           




Janis JONES Garretson


19191 NE 127th Street

Redmond, WA  98052

Florence Rebecca KAIN Dagg                        Occupation:  Retired

Spouse:  Danny                                                                      Retired


“It is a woman’s reason to say, I will do such a thing, because I will.”


P. O. Box 5351

Fredericksburg, VA  22403



Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Walking, Reading, Collecting Longaberger baskets and spending time with family and friends.


Favorite school memory:  Hanging out with friends and cheerleading.


Other comments:  I am retired from the Department of Agriculture in Washington and now work part-time for a local car dealership.




Robert Morgan KASH                         Occupation:  Auto-Sales – Purvis Ford


“A good disposition is more valuable than gold.”


300 Devon Drive

Ruther Glen, VA  22546




Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Pilot, long distance bicycling.




Patricia Ann KEAVENY Smith


“Proper words in proper places.”




Brenda Kay KEISTER Matheny                     Occupation:  Teacher/Eeducational Adminstrator

Spouse:  Steve                                                                        National Accounts Manager


“The dazzling glory of her hair was all the crown she needed.”


13607 Knob Hill Court

Midlothian, VA  23113




Children:         Catherine                      Age      26

                        Emma                                       23


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Sitting and walking on any beach; Listening to the oldies anywhere; Flower gardening; frequenting Art Shows and Museums.


Favorite school memory:  Parties at Ronnie Lee’s – summer dances at Fairview Beach with thee Prophets – basically all of the fun social stuff and maybe Mrs. Cuddy’s Senior English Class.


Other comments:  Recently moved to Orlando area – would love to see anyone who come thee Central Florida.  I love e-mail, so keep in touch.  Sorry I cant be at the reunion!




Thomas Victor KEYS


“Speech is great, but silence is greater.”


8301 Old Plank Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22407




Howard Larry KING


“Take it easy; have your fun, and let the old world flicker on.”


409 Wood Landing Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22405




Linda Carole KLEFF Farrell


“We live by admiration, hope, and love.”


2910 Welford Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401







Myrna Marie LANCASTER Tolley                 Occupation:  Hairdresser

Spouse:  Lionel (Sonny)                                                            Truck Driver


“Eat, drink, and be merry.”


219 Springknoll Circle

Fredericksburg, VA  22405



Children:         Heather Taylor             Age      30

                        4 Tolley Step Children

                        4 Taylor Step Children


Grandchildren:  7 Step Grandchildren


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  I love to read, work crosswords and am an avid walker (2 – 5 miles daily).  In the summer all my spare time is spent on our boat.


Favorite school memory:  I was made to “dress up” in a tu-tu with a “trick or treat” bag and sent downtown to beg for treats (it wasn’t Halloween).


Other comments:  A two time cancer survivor, I am a big time volunteer for ACS, serving as a Reach to Recovery volunteer.  Area Coordinator for Look Good-Feel Better and share a major involvement in the annual Relay for Life.






“A woman should be seen, not heard.”


P. O. Box 122

Sadieville, KY  40237




Yvonne Cheryl LAYTON Nicholls                   Occupation:  Secretary – Treasurer for Family         Construction Business

Spouse:  Glenn                                                                         Owner of Construction Co.


“Rules are made to be broken.”


11516 Nicholls Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22408



Children:         Ruth Rodgers                           Age      32

                        Glenn Nicholls, Jr.                                31


Grandchildren:  Mason Rodgers  Age  6                     Trae Nicholls       Age 5

                          Will Rodgers      Age  3                      Brandy Nicholls   Age 2


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Various collections – Windsocks, Flags, Christmas Decorations.  Favorite activity is riding our golf cart on our farm especially around pond.


Other comments:  Sorry, ill health will not allow me to plan too far into the future.  I hope everyone has a great time.




Gary Wilson LEITCH


“Big, loud, and full of mischief.”


313 Sycamore Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22408




Marcia LEONARKIS Donley


“I hear the sound of wedding bells in my dreams.”


5884 Woodpoint Terrace

Daytona Beach, FL  32125




Brenda Anne LEWIS Fahed


“Those big blue eyes are enough, I’d say, but the gods didn’t seem to feel that way; they gave her charm and made her gay.”


2211 Wolverine Drive

Richmond, VA  23228




Carole Louise LIMBRICK Evans                   Occupation:  Office Manager at Greenfield Elementary School

Spouse:  Bill                                                                           Supervisor , Virginia Power


“Little friends may prove great friends.”


11305 Pendleton Place

Richmond, VA  23236




Children:         Mary Frances Evans                 Age      24

                        Daniel Martin Evans                              22


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Country/Line Dancing, Aerobics, Reading


Favorite school memory:  Too difficult to choose only one --  Having to stay after school in Mrs. Atkins’ fifth grade class with Jan Ashby because we were “in love” with George Mann and Raymond Harding….  Going to UVA to watch thee boys’ basketball team win the State Championship in 1962.  Senior class trip to New York’s “The Bitter End”.  All of the members of Los Companeros spending the night at Fran McCalley’s house after a dance.  Singing “I left My Heart in San Francisco: with Nancy Camper for Senior Talent Show.  Mrs. Stern cracking some boy’s head up against the blackboard in 4th grade and being too glad to transfer out of her class!!




William Henry LIMBRICK


“All work and no play would make me a dull boy.”






His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hardy sports or contest bold.”


600 Truslow Road

Fredericksburg, VA  22406




Marilyn Day LITTEK West                             Occupation:  RN

Spouse:  William


“Life is a comedy.”


9125 Stephens Manor Drive

Richmond, VA  23228




Children:         Nicole Mayton             Age      24

                        W. Ryan                                               22


Grandchildren:  Jacob Colesen Mayton – 5 weeks


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Traveling and Snorkeling.


Favorite school memory:  Getting sent to the office with Mary Jane Lowery for talking in Mrs. Maynard’s Shorthand Class.




Ronald LONG                                     Occupation:  Chef


P. O. Box 102

St. Augustine, FL  32085-0102



Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Fishing and Sporting Clays.


Favorite school memory:  3 p.m. Friday!




Alonzo Jackson LOWE


“The world belongs to the energetic.”




Mary Jane LOWERY English              Occupation:  RN


How can I study with love affairs on my brain?”


“10468 Georgetown Road

Mechanicsville, VA  23116



Children:         Allison                          Age      28

                        Stacey                                      24


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  I am heavily into shagging and spend as much as possible at Myrtle Beach dancing in the Shag Clubs.  Also, love to read.  Am in a book club and also in  an Investment Club.


Favorite school memory:  The entire senior year was awesome.  Bill and I were dating and we had a great year.  I remember a really fun slumber party at Judith’s sometime the summer after graduation.


Other comments:  I’m really looking forward to April Fool’s!  (Is there a message there?)  Thank to all of you for all of your hard work.




Frances Ford McCALLEY Farmer                 Occupation:  Bank Teller


“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.”


1323 Parcell Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401



Children:         Elizabeth Anne Farmer Zimmer             Age      28

                        Mary Katherine Farmer                                                26


Grandchildren:  lst one due in June.


Favorite school memory:  Too many to list.




George McClellan MANN, Jr.


“My appetite comes to me while eating.”






Hilton Gooch MARSHALL                            Occupation:  CFO – Hilldrup Moving and Storage

Spouse:  Cindy                                                             Homemaker


“Lazy, slow and unconcerned.  He went to class and actually learned.”


3 Patrick Place

Fredericksburg, VA  22405


E-mail:  marshall@1bigred



Children:  (Step)         Eric R. Thomas            

                                    Stanton R. Thomas


Grandchildren:  Haleigh Skylar Thomas


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Civil War Reading, Gardening, Music and Travel.




Mary Christine MILLER Saunders


“Be cheerful.  Give this lonesome world a smile.”




Janis Deane MILLER Sebastian                      Occupation:  Executive Assistiant

Spouse:  Tom                                                                         Vice President Sales & Mkting.


“I assisted at the birth of that most significant word, flirtation.”


1410 Rose Virginia Avenue

Reading, PA  19611




Children:         Scott C. Sebastian                    Age      32

                        Patrick T. Sebastian                              21

                        Kelly M. Sebastian                               20




Sherry Leanne MINOR


Gracefulness is the keynote of a woman’s charm.”








Of soul sincere, in actions, faithful, and in honor clear.”




William Samuel MOORE, Jr.                           Occupation:  Medial Sales Manager – Olympus America

Spouse:  Stevi                                                                         Homeowners Ass. Mgr. (Covenants)


“Sweet are the slumbers of the virtuous man.”


7433 Sandalfoot Way

Columbia, MD  21046




Children:         Shannon Moore Martin             Age      26

                        Willy Moore                                                     22


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Golf






“A smooth and steadfast mind, gentle thoughts and clam desires.”




George Lawrence NANCE                              Occupation:  Dentist – Prosthodontist

Spouse:  Sandra                                                                       Physician – Gastroenterologist


“I’m not one of those boys who believe in love at first sight.  But I believe in taking a second look.”


118 Archers Hope Road

Williamsburg, VA  23185



Children:         Oliver                           Age      22

                        Megan                                      20

                        Keeton                                       3

Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Gourment cooking, Fishing, Drinking wine, getting together with friends.


Favorite school memory:  To numerous to list here – dances at Fairview Beach, any homecoming or prom dances, football games – even going to classes with Mr. Hodge, Mrs. A, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Vass.  Squirrel sightings in the lunch room!  Parking in all the out of the way places so as not to get caught!


Other comments:  I wish our children could have had the same experiences and sense of security we had growing up in Fredericksburg.  James Monroe was the center of our lives and we loved going there.  Our kids don’t have the same memories that we do.




Seddon Cabell NELSON                                Occupation:  Investment Advisor

Spouse:  Martha                                                                       Housewife


“Impossible is a word which I never say.”


2484 Tree House Drive

Woodbridge, VA  22192-1316


E-mail:  scncap@home


Children:         Cabel Nelson III                       Age      16

                        Andrew                                                13

                        Meredith                                                9


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Skiing, Dinner Parties with Friends, Scouting with children, Traveling.


Favorite school memory:  Senior Class Play!  We had a great time rehearsing a terrific comedy.  Laughing at our miscues (poor Mrs. Pappandreou), and in the end, enjoying our triumph, as we “brought the house down!”




Robert Andrew NEWTON


“Not too serious, not too gay, but altogether a jolly good fellow.”


6013 Loriella Park

Fredericksburg, VA  22408




Roberta Ann NEWTON


Silence is as deep as Eternity; speech is as shallow as time.”


Box 224, MCV Dept. of Physical Therapy

Richmond, VA  23298




Nancy Katheryn NOBLES Thomas


“Fun comes first and sorrow after; nothing is such fun as laughter.”


1909 Elmhurst Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  22401




Frederick Scott NUGENT


In spite of all the others have said, I still my old opinion keep.”






Donald Wilbert PARKER


“No man is happy who does not think himself so.”


8350 Baileys Wharf Road

Gloucester, VA  23061

804-693-5021 (home)

804-693-2455 (work)

E-mail: or




Gregory Edgell PARKER                                 Occupation:  Insurance Agent – Northwest Mutual

Spouse:  Loretta                                                                     Homemaker


All men did their best when he was there to lead them.”


204 Trotters Way Court

Winston-Salem, NC  27106

336-765-8298 (home)

336-725-0175 (work)



Children:         Matt                             Age      26

                        Mary Kathryn                           22


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Golf – switched to left handed at age 50.  Spent many years on soccer field with kids.  Began ballroom dancing class last year!


Favorite school memory:  Too many good feelings and memories to single out one.  We had it pretty good, didn’t we?!!


Other comments:  Loretta and I are so sorry to be unable to attend the reunion.  We send our love and memories to all.




Jacquline Anne PATES Henninger


If music be the food of love, play on.”


3910 Applewood

Midland, MI  48640




Austin Lee PAYNE, Jr.


Every responsibility is an opportunity.”


8 Jefferson Street

Fredericksburg, VA   22405




Nancy Carol PERRY Newton


“Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul.”


6013 Loriella Park Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22408




Mary Jane PITTS O’Niell                                Occupation:  Real Estate Property Mgmt.

Spouse:  Bob                                                                          Real Estate Developer


“Fun-loving and happy.”


719 Kenmore Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  22401




Children:         Jack, a 2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Skiing, Antiquing, Spending time at our cottage in the Northern Neck.


Favorite school memory:  I loved it all!  JM was the best!!!




Michael Spence PRUETT


If angels play guitars, I’m on my way to heaven.”






Morris Robert REAMY, II                              Occupation:  Lawyer

Spouse:  Ann                                                                          Social Worker Supervisor


Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest thing in the nicest way.”


100 Fauquier Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401






James Alan RICE


“Honesty, manhood, good fellowship.”


1203 Greers Trail

Peachtree City, GA  30269




Lindsay Peyton ROACH


“The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.”


1004 Julian Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22405



Lewis Turner ROBERSON                             Occupation:  Senior Superintendent


7601 East Treasure Cove, #2411

North Bay Village, FL  33141




Children:         Kimberly Riley              Age      31

                        Tracy Roberson                                    29

                        Tiffany Roberson                                  24

                        Erica Roberson                         22


Grandchildren:  Mickey Riley  Age 3


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Sports Fishing, Flats and Bass Fishing.


Favorite school memory:  Going to State Championship in Basketball.  Going to Fairview Beach on Saturday nights.




Patricia ROGERS                                           Occupation:  Legal Secretary


“Oh, I love them both and I love them well, but which I love better I never can tell.”


303 Ellery Court

Fredericksburg, VA  22408



Favorite school memory:  When JM won the State Basketball Championship – ’63 or ’64?


Other comments:  I graduated MWC in June, 1990!!




James Edward SELPH


“Good natured as the day is long.”


15150 Locust Point

King George, VA  22485






Betsy Lee SHELTON Spradlin


“Do blondes really have more fun?”


1301 Hanover Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401




Michael Foster SHIBLEY                               Occupation:  Senior Vice President National             Association of Home Builders

Spouse:  Carol                                                                          Write/Editor


It is said we live and learn, but so many only live.”


7441 Baltimore Avenue

Tacoma Park, MD  20912




Children:         Daniel Shibley                           Age      14

                        Beth Shible                                           11


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Redskins, Orioles Baseball, and Painting.


Favorite school memory:  1963 State Basketball Championship!  Mr. Hodge’s biology class!


Other comments:  Sorry I can not attend  I travel a lot and will be out of town on the date of the party.  Please send me the combined memory book.  I would be interested to see what everyone is doing. 




Ronnie Lee SILVER


She is carefree, happy, and gay.”


376 Pool Drive

Spotsylvania, VA  22553



Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Horses and Dogs.


Favorite school memory:  Parties at my house.  Parties after ball games and Fairview Beach.          R & S, Scotties, and cruising through Hot Shoppes.


Ann Hunter SIMPSON                                   Occupation:  Judge

Spouse:  Lewis Hitt                                                                   Loan Officer


None knew her but to love her; none named her but to praise.”


566 Poplar Road

Falmouth, VA  22406-4902



Favorite school memory:  Watching Betsy Shelton flirt with Jeffrey ???????, and our Government teacher.




James Harwood SIMPSON                           


“Why take life seriously, we’ll never get out of it alive anyway.”






John Thomas SIMPSON, Jr.                           Occupation:  Realtor

Spouse:  Julie                                                                            Consultant


“What a lucky thing the wheel was invented before the automobile; otherwise can you imagine the awful screeching.”


309 Twin Lakes Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22401




Children:         John T. Simpson, III   “Trey”                Age      15

                        Cara Ann Simpson                                             8


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Boating, Fishing, Hunting, Skeet shooting, Bridge, and Traveling.


Favorite school memory:  Football and Senior Trip to New York.







Edgar Stuart SKINNER                                  Occupation:  Retired

Spouse:  Yvonne


There isn’t much that Ned can’t do; he stick to a task until he’s through.”


5506 Brentwood Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22407





Dennis Patrick SMITH


“All work and no play would make me a dull boy.”





“O’er tiny grievances I do not sorrow; there’s a whole brand new day coming tomorrow.”


5 Ridgemore Circle

Fredericksburg, VA  22405






“He’s little but he’s wise; he’s a terror for his size.”


417 Cleveland Court

Fredericksburg, VA  22405




Teresa Marie STONE


“Dark eyes-eternal soul of pride.”






“Not that I love work less, but that I love fun more.”




Ronnie Darrell SUMLER


Come what may – it all comes and goes and he never knows the difference.”


2917 Sir Walter Cres.

Chesapeake, VA  23321




Rita Marie SULLIVAN Dolan


Thou hast the patience and the faith of saints.”


11096 Sunglow Drive

Mechanicsville, VA  23111




Ronald Gerald THOMPSON


“Few were his words, but wonderfully clear.”


101 Stratford Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  224018-1909










Wesley Wayne TYREE


“Good nature and good sense must ever join.”


4605 Carr Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22401







He liked people, therefore people liked him.”


104 Battery Lane

Fredericksburg, VA  22408




Juanita Kathryn VINT Grinnan             Occupation:  Day Care Provider

Spouse:  Gary                                                                         Heavy Equip. Operator for Butzner Const.


“We know nothing of tomorrow; our business it to be good and happy today.”


219 Lorraine Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  22408-1924




Children:         Jennifer G. Inge                        Age      30

                        Jessica L. Grinnan                                 21


Grandchildren:  One grandson, Michael who just turned one and another due in September.


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Sewing and gardening.




Victoria Ann WALTHER


The girls who win are the girls who work – the girls who toil while others shirk.”




Charles WEIMER                                          Occupation:  Restaurant

Spouse:  Linda                                                                        Continental Airline Flight Attendant


1412 Parcell Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401



Children:         Robbin Weimer Owens                        Age      29


Grandchildren:  Tyler Scott Owens  Age 6


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Skiing, Caribbean and Couch Clicker


Favorite school memory:  Hot Shoppes to Hardee’s


Other comments:  Thanks to all members of the Reunion Committee.

Mary-Ellen WELLS Gray


“Better be small and shine, than great and cast a shadow.”


1704 Beverly Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22401






The history of science is science itself; the history of the individual, the individual.”




Carolyn Bryant WHITE Whitaker


A disposition calm and true, a loving friend to all she knew.”




Howard Gordon WHITE


“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.”






Patricia Jeanne WHOLEY Zahl


“Love me not for comely grace, nor for my pleasing eye or face; but let my friendship se the pace.


1511 Prince Edward Street

Fredericksburg, VA   22401




Janice Meridel WILLIAMS                            Occupation:  Paralegal – Marine Corps


Greatly admired for her quiet and lovely disposition.”


701 Hanson Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  22401



Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Reading, surfing the net; science fiction (Heinlein devotee), Stephen Minister – Fredericksburg Methodist Church, Member of Am. Society of Access Professionals.


Favorite school memory:  Judy Higgins’s recitation of “Guissepe Da Barber”.


Other comments:  Just sorry to have missed previous reunions and looking forward to seeing everyone.




Hunter Hayes WILLIS


“A jolly good fellow, a friend tried and true; disliked by none, unknown to few.”


5820 Pettigrew

Fayetteville, NC  28304




Philip Wallace WILTSHIRE


“A lion among women – a most dreadful thing.”


3284 Lancer Drive

Powder Springs, GA  30073




Rickie Ann WITHERS Newton                       Occupation:  Transcriptionist

Spouse:  Glenn                                                            Construction – Building roads & Sewers


“Tears, idle tears, I know them not; I’ve too much fun for all that rot.”


P. O. Box 1372

Fredericksburg, VA  22402




Children:         Paul G. Limerick, Jr.                 Age      31


Grandchildren:  Sebastian “Gage” Limerick


Hobbies, Favorite Activities etc.:  Reading murder mysteries, sewing, am going to learn to play golf.


Favorite school memory:  There are a lot, but graduating is probably the best.




Georgie Robin WRIGHT                                Occupation:  Office Manager


Mingle a little folly with your wisdom; a little nonsense now and then is pleasant.”


2010 White Lake Drive

Fredericksburg, VA  22407



Hobbies Favorite Activities etc.:  Gardening, Attending Auctions.




Sandra Lee WRIGHT Browne


She is wise who talks but little.”




Gertrude Marie YEAGER Duncan


Quiet, kind, and unassuming.”


1635 S.E. 20th Street

Cape Coral, FL  33990




Lillian YOUNG


2327 Hartmill Court

Charlotte, NC  28226