This collection of pictures are offered as a source of recollection and amusement about the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia. It includes surrounding counties, towns, dates, and people. It is not a definitive or garranteed source for correctness. It is, as the author remembers and relates the pictures times and events. Many items have been extracted from local newspapers and internet displays. Please Enjoy Your Visit.....J.W. Edwards - author

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Pictorial links of our area in a web album form

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The Flood of 1942

Belman's Grocery 1919-1930's

The Old Fredericksburg Speedway

Some Old Business Establishments

Old Falmouth, over 100 years in photos

Old Fredericksburg Dog Mart, with some National Geographic Photos

Collection of Vintage Post Cards, Fredericksburg and Area

Lafayette School 1952-1958

Sports Flashbacks in our area

Fredericksburg Train Station's many changes

Fredericksburg As it was in 1907, Business, home, people, and history. Printed in the Free Lance Star Special Edition of 1907

Raw footage of Calvin Coolidge in Fredericksburg Oct 19, 1928

Text and pictures of film footage and Event of Presidents visit in 1928

Some History of Mary Washington Hospital

Yeah, I Remember That Gallery

Paris Inn

Fredericksburg Rescue Squad Rollin Tape Drive

Stratford Hotel to General Washington Inn

Sophia Street after Agnes, Flood of 1972

Colonial Beach In Pictures

Old Colonial Beach Sights

Colonial Beach - Sand, Sun, and The Front

Colonial Beach Business, old and now

More pictures of the Beach

Colonial Beach Today from Doc's Motel Link

Further North Old Pictures

Glen Echo Amusement Park

Caroline County

Caroline County 100 Years In Postcards

Bethel Church and Guinea Church

Guinea Station

Penola Station RF&P

Old Bowling Green

Easter 1955, Bowling Green's 2nd Fire

Wonderful Fairview Beach Over the Years

Patowomack Indians Home

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Rappahanock Regional Library Research Home

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