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This site was designed for those of you who remember the old music scene in Fredericksburg and the counties and still wonder how it is today. Who is where and who's doing what. Here is a place to find out. Man, we had a lot of FUN!


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Download and buy Johnny Glitter's tune, Saturday's Yours

Son's of the Beach present A little ditty from our friends Charles and Susan Weimer

Musicians Choose the Life, The Night Life featuring Ray Price

Back To The Beach 2007 - More Videos

A fund raiser for Fairview Beach, Va conjured up by the great Steve Jarrell and presented on YouTube by Lyn and Devin of MTG Productions.

Here are some very old Pictures, this would be BRR (before rock and roll) Most of these players have passed on. God Bless Them All

Click on the underlined links for their Stories and Pictures...and ENJOY

Listen to the Sound of the Joe Pine Orchestra

The Happy Rovers 1946

The Merry Makers 1947

The Stardusters 1949

The Lazy K Ranch Boys1957

The Christy Brothers

The Bluegrass Patriots and listen.Charlie MacGregor and The Old Lazy K Ranch Boys of WFVA on Saturday Mornings Circa 1958, Their Theme Song

Folks In The Area Have Always Loved Country Music and Bluegrass

Ralph Kulp of Fredericksburg

Ralphs Picture Memories

The String Dusters Featuring Bobby Estes, Troupador

Country Grass with Stephens Brothers

Joe Sacra and his band The Country Boys 1966

Charlie MacGregor with some of Fredericksburg's upcoming musicians

Smitty Irwin Banjo picker of Stafford

Group Photo of some local Pickers, taken in 1980, too many to name, you know who you are.

The Virginians

Local Boys play the old Jimmy Dean Show. Buck Ryan - fiddle, Smitty Irwin - banjo, Bill Harrell - guitar, Stoney Edwards on bass.

Bill Haley, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers...ROCK AND ROLL creeps into the 1950s and the musicians in the area follow the trend. Just on this side of Do-Wop bands start the famous three chord movement.

WPGC, Morningside Memory

Take a quick trip to the Milt Grant Show, a pioneer of Rock' N Roll circa 1957

An old clip from WTTG channel 5 located in Washington DC

The Rocking Rebels

The Ovations

The Satelites

PRESS TO PLAY .....Stuck With You by Jimmy Mack of the Satelites

PRESS TO PLAY .....Live And Let Live

The Groovers

The Groovers Scrapebook

Groovers Page 2

PRESS T0 PLAY .....It's Another Saturday Night

PRESS T0 PLAY ......He will Break Your Heart

The Saints

The Nite Rockers of Colonial Beach

The Skanks of Colonial Beach

Here comes Motown, soul and Muscle Shoals, Horns are in and Chuck Berry leads the way with a Memphis sound. Things get boppin and it's all about the music in the sixties.

The Royals

Royals Scrapebook

Don and the X-Citers

X-citers Scrapebook

PRESS T0 PLAY..... Double Shot Of My Baby's Love

The Exciters of today(2007). A One Time Reunion

The Prophets

Prophets Scrapebook

PRESS T0 PLAY ..... All Of My Life

The Rotations in 2007 with some friends

Jimmy Bishop and The Saints

Jimmy Bishop and The Saints 1320 Club

Continentals...Later FOXFIRE

PRESS TO PLAY..... Hard Luck Mary

In the 70's Rock N' Roll goes in many directions. Some directions are not appreciated, so area musicians get back to their roots. It's time for revitalizing Virginia music. Graves Mountain becomes popular and Bluegrass festivals are abound. Other Bands start up and others regroup.

Miss Sherry Purks from King George, Va.

Listen to Sherry do one of her old favorites from the Judds...Grandpa

Cabin Hill



The Cavaliers

The Bluegrass Butchers

Bands of the 70's, 80's & 90's

The Rowles Family

Silver Wings

ELVIS/ Davey Ray

The Insights

The Prophets Two

Creeper and The Virginia Prophets


The Original Blues Band

The New/Old Blues Machine 2008


Jon Carroll,Gary Ferguson,Phil Harding,Allen Green, Tommy Rose, Russell Kidd


Ladies and Gentlemen Fredericksburg Proudly Presents It's Own

Greg Rowles

Greg Rowles' Picture Album

Mark Newton

Steve Jarrell

Larry Stephenson Band

Here is a fun Scrapebook with Steve and friends. You may even recognize some of his friends

Steve and Friends

Steve and Friends page 2

"Saturday Is Yours"

A Song Written and Performed by John Wayne Edwards, aka Johnny Glitter. It hit the charts in Carolina in 2008 and listen.

Check out a couple of my "Musical" Paintings

See If My Influences Resemble Yours

Here is a rare treat for some of you folks that remember a band called the Fabulous Furys from Highpoint North Carolina. Imagine the Furys playing to a break at the end of a set. Push the button and relive the Furys at Reno Pier, Colonial Beach, Virginia 1963.

PRESS T0 PLAY .....Hideaway

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