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John Franklin Alexander Edwards or Johnny was born in Fredericksburg Virginia July 4, 1924. Grew up in Fredericksburg and Falmouth. Interesting Note: Although I was born in a hospital and he was not, my father was born a block and half away. Me on Sophia and Fauquier Street (old Mary Washington Hospital) He on Fauquier Street in upstairs in a house which is now Smythe's Cottage and Tavern. Daddy had a couple jobs in his short life span One at the Shoe Factory and the other at The Farmer's Creamery. One thing he did do was play music and entertain part time. He was with Charlie MacGregor and the Lazy "K" Ranch Boys. You could here them on Saturday mornings on WFVA Radio Fredericksburg. Daddy died when he was twenty-six years old of pheumonia. He is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Fredericksburg.