Obituary of Rev. Charles William Brooks - as it appeared in The Fauquier Democrat Charles William Brooks More than passing notice should be taken of the passing of Rev. C. W. Brooks who died at his home near Sumerduck on June 8th. He was no ordinary man, for no ordinary man could have held for over 49 years the pastorate of the church of his early childhood and youth, living and dying within 1 mile of his birthplace. None but a man of the most sterling character could accomplish such a feat. Nor could a man of average ability continue to hold the interest of his flock for so long a term. Indeed he was a man richly endowed with native ability, to which he added a good academic and theological education. In later years he studied assiduously the one Book that never grows old nor uninteresting. This Book he loved, he lived and preached with clear faith and earnest purpose. For thirty years Mr. Brooks taught school in addition to his pastoral duties, and thus as pastor and teacher he touched and influenced almost the entire population of that section of Fauquier and Stafford which lies along the Rappahannock river, reaching from the Southern Railway to Falmouth. All classes and ages believed in Mr. Brooks, loved him for his work's sake, sought and acted upon his judgment, and revered him almost as a father. No man perhaps in Fauquier would be missed and mourned by so many people, because no other held so large a place in the lives of so many people. Not only in Fauquier and Stafford do men rise up to call him blessed, for hundreds who have moved to the city will never cease to be grateful for his preaching and for his personal interest and helpfulness during their childhood and youth. While an ardent Baptist, he loved and was loved and trusted by people of every faith. Naturally quiet and unassuming he never aimed at the spectacular nor sought cheap publicity. He was no back-slapper, but men, women and children recognized the genuineness of his lover and the sincerity of his desire to serve. So modest was he that few realized his greatness or know the true measure of his works. His life was a constant challenge to higher thinking and holier living, while his loving ministrations brought untold comfort and strength to the sorrowing and discouraged, or turned wayward feet back into the path of right and duty. Besides his 49 years of ministry at the Grove Baptist Church, Mr. Brooks also served as pastor at Zoar (Bristersburg) for 44 years, at Berea in Stafford for 33 years, and for shorter periods at Richland and Mt. Holly Churches. A great man and a great friend of humanity has fallen. C. Wirt Trainham
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